Library and Archives Canada's New Preservation Facility

Plenary Properties Gatineau (PPG) has been chosen by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to deliver the design and construction of its new state-of-the-art preservation facility, effect improvements at the existing Preservation Centre located in Gatineau, Quebec, and maintain both facilities for a 30-year period. This project is being conducted under a public-private partnership agreement with the Government of Canada.

Project Update – September 22, 2021

Following the controlled removal of the affected panels of the new Library and Archives Canada preservation facility in Gatineau on September 15, the access to the site has now been deemed safe for all workers and, as a result, construction on the site re-started on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

This decision was made following assessments done by structural and building engineers, and with approval from Quebec’s Commission on Workplace Standards, Fairness, Health and Safety (CNESST).

As we continue to work with structural engineers to investigate the cause of the issue, the security of the everyone working on the project remains our priority.


The Library and Archives Canada Preservation Facility in Gatineau is being delivered through a ‘Public-Private Partnership (P3)’ procurement model. As part of this delivery model, design or construction related cost impacts are borne by the private sector partner.